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Mainfranken. Always in Motion.

The Main River is the namesake of this open minded and family oriented region, a region that is always in motion just as the river. Mainfranken is great place to start a career and take advantage of a plethora of innovative ideas. The region is one of the top ten high-tech areas in Europe.


Mainfranken is centrally located in Germany and Europe. Five Autobahn highways intersect here. The city of Würzburg is a high-speed rail hub and the airports in Frankfurt and Nuremberg are less than an hour away.

Mainfranken is known for unspoiled natural areas and a tremendous cultural heritage. The moderate climate is a big reason for the enormous success of the regional wines and it also makes the locals more relaxed. Lifelong learning is part of the Mainfranken culture: Well-known major universities and other important institutions of higher learning offer many opportunities for further education. Mainfranken is, however, also a wonderful place to retire and enjoy the non-working years.


Region Mainfranken GmbH

Ludwigstraße 10 1/2
97070 Würzburg

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