Hassberge County


Michael Brehm


Hassberge County
Inhabitants: 84.599
Area: 956,4 km²
Municipalities: 26

New Materials Champions of Mainfranken

Hassberge County as a business location is defined by a great variety of industries, the products and services of which are valued and wanted far beyond the county limits. One reason for Hassberge County’s desirability as a business location is the great traffic infrastructure that makes it easy to get products to the cities of Nuremberg, Munich, Frankfurt and Leipzig. The county enjoys a great reputation throughout Europe and the world for its civil engineering and the production of high-quality composite pipes. A composite production center for corrugated tubing and extrusion technology is in the works, to give this sector additional exposure. One major bonus of the great business variety and their successes is that there is no need to create more commercial and industrial parks in the county that would impinge on residential, leisure, recreation and cultural spaces.