Würzburg County


Michael Dröse

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Würzburg County
Inhabitants: 161.819
Area: 968 km²
Municipalities: 52

central location in the heart of Germany and Europe

Würzburg is known as a “First-Class Location” – and rightfully so. The county enjoys a central location in the heart of Germany and Europe. Plus there is an ideal mix of tradition and progressive thinking here that creates the perfect climate for innovation and investment.

The county’s business sector is dominated by medium-sized companies but there are also a few international competitors, such as the largest Danone factory in the state, the “Südzucker AG” in Ochsenfurt, and “s.Oliver” in Rottendorf. Many wildly popular items are produced in Würzburg and its vicinity: the successes range fron “eibe” toys made in Röttingen for the little ones to yachts manufactured at “Bavaria Yachtbau” in Giebelstadt for the really big people.

Würzburg’s attractiveness as a place to live and work is well known amongst decision-makers near and far and the county will continue to enjoy that reputation well into the future.