Schweinfurt County


Frank Deubner

09721 / 55-688

Schweinfurt County
Inhabitants: 115 105
Area: 841,46 km²
Municipalities:  29

Home of the Hidden Champions

Schweinfurt is an up and coming economic location that is perfectly positioned for future growth. The county is home to a variety of different industries, which makes it an attractive business location. The companies that call Schweinfurt home include well-known names as well as hidden champions that are leading global competitors in their business sectors. Investors like the fact that there are attractive industrial and commercial properties right outside the city limits. The county has great economic expansion potential thanks to 200 hectares of land being converted to commercial properties. Schweinfurt County is also an attractive place to live. Young families especially appreciate the affordability of residential lots, the many options for sports and leisure activities, as well as the high-quality childcare and educational facilities for children.