City of Würzburg


Ralf Bersenfelder


City of Würzburg
Inhabitants: ca. 130.000
Area: 87,6 km²
Municipalities: 13

Central and Growing

The largest city in the Mainfranken Regiopolitan Area is also a central location for commercial and research activities. Many factors contribute to a successful, local business environment: a great traffic infrastructure, a large number of excellent and collaborating research facilities, an enormous tourism potential, an innovative city administration, a population with great purchasing power, as well as a well-established network of connections between the city and surrounding communities. To ensure Würzburg enjoys continued success in the future, entrepreneurs and startups enjoy a comprehensive support network. This support network consists of many individuals and organizations, such as the ground-breaking Center for Digital Innovation Mainfranken. The fastest growing businesses of the city currently are in the health, creative and IT sectors.