Main-Spessart County


Sebastian Kühl

09353 793-1754

Main-Spessart County
Inhabitants: 126.365
Area: 1.321,42 km²
Municipalities: 40

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As a partner in the Mainfranken Regiopolitan Area, Main-Spessart County profits from its proximity to the Frankfurt International Airport. The BAB 3 and BAB 7 interstate highways connect businesses to the European market. For decades, the county has enjoyed a great reputation as a wonderful place to live and work. The unemployment rate is low, return on investments is great, and quality of life is fantastic as well. Main-Spessart is also known for its educational opportunities: the school and trade education system is excellent and the higher education and research facilities in neighboring counties are easily accessible. As a industry location, the county is characterized by a healthy mix of businesses. There are many small companies, a strong showing of medium-sized corporations, as well as large, modern industrial factories – all a sign of a strong economic base.