A Power House in Pole Position

Mainfranken Regiopolitan Area

The Mainfranken Regiopolitan Area is growing by leaps and bounds. The region is gaining in importance and international recognition. Thanks to a lot of investment, the area has moved to the top of the list for professionals. Mainfranken is a regiopolitan area: a cohesive network of extraordinary infrastructure, short distances, excellent educational opportunities and a welcoming environment for investors. The mild climate allows for the cultivation of superb wines and creates the foundation for a laidback social atmosphere.

Moving along fluidly. The Main River is the namesake of this sophisticated and family-friendly region. It is a place where careers get off to a great start and where ideas are sprouting like weeds. Mainfranken is a trailblazer for innovation and is considered a leading European high-tech area. Distinguished colleges and educational institutions provide many academic opportunities.

Mainfranken is centrally located and it is a region with short commutes. Five Autobahn highways converge here. Würzburg is a hub for ICE high-speed trains. The airports of Frankfurt and Nuremberg are only about an hour’s drive away.

What else is enticing? Affordability, environmental and local quality of life, unique leisure and recreation opportunities. In Mainfranken, things that seem to be at odds with each other have found a way to complement each other. Work-life balance is easy to achieve, nature and urban areas coexist peacefully and high-tech country living is all the rage. Traditions and innovation exist side-by-side. Best of both worlds!