Mainfranken Regiopolitan Area

From an economic point of view, the Mainfranken Regiopolitan Area is distinguished by its great innovative and broad diversification of sectors. The Regiopolitan Area includest seven counties: Bad Kissingen, Hassberge, Kitzingen, Main-Spessart, Rhön-Grabfeld, Schweinfurt, and Würzburg, as well as the cities Würzburg and Schweinfurt, the IHK Würzburg-Schweinfurt and the Chamber of Commerce of Lower Franconia. It is the goal of the Region Mainfranken GmbH to combine all the individual assets of the Regiopolitan Area and to  promote to potential employees, companies, investors and other partners. It takes cooperation and the joining of all our forces for our area to be able to compete globally.

Growth is easier when you have past successes to build on. Therefore it is always advantageous to build on your strengths. The Economic Research Institute Prognos was contracted by the Region Mainfranken GmbH to identify economic and scientific areas of excellence or regional niches. They identified five sectors: mechanical engineering & automotive, medicine & health, new materials & plastics, information technology & artificial intelligence, as well as energy & environment. Almost a third of all regional employees are employed in one of these areas right now. Yet, there is still a huge growth potential, especially when you factor in the opportunities that arise from networking between sectors. Digital interface technologies are at the cutting edge of making that happen.

All this does not mean that other industries do not play an important role in Mainfranken. To the contrary. Every business sector is an important part of the Mainfranken Regiopolitan Area. Some of the other essential business sectors are construction, retail and social work. Also important are the constantly changing tourism and logistics industries. Mainfranken’s universities – the Julius Maximilian University Würzburg and the College for Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt – groom regional talent that wil is instrumental in maintaining the innovative edge of the Mainfranken region.

10 Reasons for Mainfranken Regiopolitan Area

Urbanity meets Nature. Countryside Living goes High-Tech. Innovated tradition. Where work is good and living is easy.

1. In the center of Europe, great connections

Five Autobahn highways interchange here. The airports of Frankfurt and Nuremberg are only an hour’s drive away. Würzburg, a hub for ICE high-speed trains.  Perfect for getting from A to B.

2. Innovation Leader and High-Tech Hub

Growth triggers growth. Key technologies are mechanical engineering & automotive, medicine & health, new materials & plastics, information technology & artificial intelligence, energy & environment. Global players, Hidden champions and numerous renowned R&D institutes.

3. Promising Career Prospects

More than 85.000 employers to choose from.  All searching for skilled workers, executives or potentials who strive for more. Technical professions, Health Care positions or Craftmanship: Start your career here

4. Multicultural and International

Diversity leads to success. The International  Campus of the Fachhochschule Würzburg Schweinfurt, the International School Mainfranken  and multinational  Corporations bring  people from all corners of the world to Mainfranken. Many of whom are here to stay.     

5. Plenty of Family Space

Mainfranken is a great place to raise kids. Lots of green, plenty of room to play. Daycare and kindergarten places in sufficient quantity, renowned Bavarian schools, lots of sports and recreational opportunities. In short: Perfect for parents and their offspring alike! And affordable for all!

6. Lifelong Learning

Well renowned Institution?  Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg. Leading University of applied Science? Fachhochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt. 38.000 Students pick Mainfranken as their preferred place to study.  A large number of vocational colleges as well as numerous institutions for adult education offer numerous training programs.

7. Rich in Culture

Concerts with of fantastic views, Europe's largest festival for African music, more than 200 wine festivals - big events that draw crowds and small happenings that are fun and unique to the area. The Würzburg Residenz and the Hofgarten are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, rich in Baroque rococo.  

8. Prosperous Climate

Mild temperatures provide an ideal climate for grape growing. Excellent Wines are produced all over Franconia, the best ones on the slopes over the River Main. Everything flows. In many towns and communities the Main River is the lifeline. Biking, Hiking , Watersports or just hanging out with friends. Easy Living.

9. Growing responsibly, acting sustainably

You love to walk through the forests, to climb, to hike and to enjoy nature? Then the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Rhön with its unique and open landscape is just right for you. Certified regional and organic produce is offered right on site.

10. Health for all

Not only is Bäderland Bayerischer Rhön well renowned for its five historic spas. More than 250 health companies provide top health care. The Rhönklinikum and the Würzburg University Hospital make sure that health services are available to all, at all times- also in remote rural areas.     

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About Us

Who are we? The shareholders of the Region Mainfranken GmbH are the independent cities of Würzburg and Schweinfurt, as well as the seven regional counties Bad Kissingen, Hassberge, Kitzingen, Main-Spessart, Rhön-Grabfeld, Würzburg and Schweinfurt. Or in short: the Mainfranken Regiopolitan Area.

And what do we do? We promote our Regiopolitan Area. We do so by safeguarding our economic competitive edge. We promote goal oriented collaboration of all major participants from the realms of politics, business, scientific research and administration.

Our activities are focused on the development of innovation and scientific research, the strengthening of our economic muscle, the preservation of existing and creation of new employment opportunities, the successful negotiation of demographic changes, as well as the promotion of our area externally.

Is there a shorter way to express this? Yes, of course. We tackle current challenges and improve existing competencies.

Why do we do this? Because we believe in the exceptionality of  Mainfranken  its resources and opportunities, as well as the people who live here.