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Data Protection Declaration
This data protection declaration informs about how we utilize personal data of users of our web pages.
Personal data is information related to a known or identifiable person. Personal data includes names, telephone numbers, addresses or email addresses. Statistical data, such as website use data that cannot be linked to personal data, are not considered personal data.
You can download or print this data protection declaration through your browser.

1.    Point of Contact/Responsible Party
Your point of contact and the responsible party for the management of personal data related to the use of our website, in compliance with European Data Protection Regulations, is the Region Mainfranken GmbH, Ludwigstrasse 10 ½, 97070 Würzburg, telephone +49 (0) 931-452 652 -0, email: Additional information on the Region Mainfranken can be found in the imprint. Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning data protection related to our services and use of our website.

2.    Data Processing

(1)    Use of Our Website/Use Data
Website use data is sent to us automatically by your browser and this is necessary for you to be able to browse our website. Such usage data includes (i) the IP-address of your device, (ii) date and time of your visit, (iii) the address of the website visited and the website used to access it, (iv) name of your browser and operating system, (v) online identification codes (machine identification codes or session id’s). The collection of this data is necessary to enable you to visit and use our website, to ensure ongoing functionality of our website, and to safeguard the security of our systems. User data collected for these purposes is abbreviated and anonymized and then stored in internal log files. The purpose of collecting this data is to collect statistical data on the use of our website. This enables us to determine user preferences which helps us tailor our web offerings to demand (such as the growing number of mobile device users) and to properly manage our website. The data stored in these log files is not linked to personal data. German laws govern our data processing practices.
(2)    Contacting Us
There are a number of ways you can contact us (e.g. via our published contact information).  When you contact us, we use your personal information that you are providing to us solely for the purpose of that communication. Any data we collect in connection with an inquirT is erased automatically once the matter is considered closed. The only exception to this is if there are contractual or legal obligations that need to be fulfilled. German laws govern our data processing practices.
(3)    Orders
When you order from us (e.g. a brochure) we use the information you provide during the ordering process to fulfill your order. German laws govern our data processing practices.
(4)    Events and Photographs
When you register for one of our events, we use the information you provide as is necessary to process your participation request. German laws govern our data processing practices.
On occasion, we take photographs at our events. You might be recognizable in those pictures. We usually take photographs to document the event for internal purposes or to advertise externally (e.g. in our events calendar, our promotional publications, our websites or social media fan pages). We are legally entitled to use such photographs according to German legal statutes governing admissible interests.
If we are taking photographs at our events for the above mentioned purposes, we will notify you during the registration process or during the event (e.g. via signage or announcements) of our intentions. If you do not want to appear in our photographs, you can notify us or the photographer at any time. We may ask you to occupy seats that are clearly marked (e.g. back row seats) that are always exempt from appearing in our photography.
(5)    Newsletters, Notifications, etc.
You can opt in to receiving our newsletters (e.g. the Dialog Mainfranken Newsletter) to get updates on the services we offer. To be included in our newsletter mailing list, we use a double opt-in process. This means that you only receive our newsletters after you confirm your request and the fact that you are the owner of the email address listed by clicking on an embedded link in a confirmation email. Once you confirm your email address, we will store your email address, the time and date of your request, and the IP-address used for the request until you cancel your newsletter subscription. This data collection is for the sole purpose of being able to fulfill and prove your subscription request. German laws govern our data processing practices.
If your email is included in our list for press releases or you have previously registered for one of our events, we are allowed to send you emails with news updates, event updates, etc., as long as their purpose is to inform you of our services, similar events, or general news about us. We are also allowed to ask you for feedback on our events. German laws govern our data processing practices.
You can opt out of our mailings at any time. Each email contains an unsubscribe link. Or you can contact us via the information provided in each email and request to be unsubscribed.
(6)    Surveys and Contests
When you participate in our surveys, we use your data for market research and opinion polling. Your data is anonymized for that purpose. In the rare case of non-anonymized data used for surveys, we will ask your permission to use your data. Anonymous surveys are not covered under German data processing protections. Your informed consent gives us permission to utilize your personal data for survey purposes as governed by German data processing laws.
When you participate in a contest, your data will only be used for the purpose of conducting the contest. Each contest has detailed information on our data use practices that are governed by German laws.
(7)    Applications
You are encourage to apply for open positions with us at any time. When you apply for one of our positions, we process your personal data contained in the application (e.g. first and last name, application date, submitted documents such as transcripts and resumes, the date you are available to start, salary requirements) for the purpose of selection and reasons for a possible job offer. German laws govern our data processing practices.
(8)    Use of Cookies on our Website
The use of so called cookies is necessary to ensure delivery of some of our services. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer by your browser. Cookies are not used to run computer programs nor do they transmit computer viruses. The main purpose of cookies is for us to be able to provide you with services that are tailored to your interests and to do so in an efficient manner. We use our own cookies to help provide convenient and individualized use of our website. German data processing laws govern our use of cookies.
Most browsers automatically allow for the use of cookies. You can, however, change those standardized settings to disallow cookies altogether or to only allow them after informed consent has been given. When you disallow cookies, some of our services may not be available to you. Please be aware that when you change your browser settings, delete all cookies from your browser, or use a different browser or profile, you may have to adjust your cookie settings again.
To improve our website, we also use cookies and similar technologies (such as web beacons) for the purpose of statistical analysis of use data based on visit times, for general analysis of the effectiveness of our marketing channels, to make our site more user friendly and keep it optimized. These technologies and services are described in detail below. German laws govern our data processing practices.

Google Analytics
Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland (“Google”).  Google Analytics utilizes cookies and similar technologies to provide information on the usage of our website and allow for site improvements based on that information. Google can transmit and store data collected and analyzed for that purpose on a server in the United States.
In case personal data is transmitted to the United States, Google is obligated to protect that data according to EU Privacy Shield regulations. Your IP-address will be abbreviated before your data is used statistically so it cannot be linked with your personal data. Google Analytics has been modified on our website to include the code “anonymize IP,” to ensure only anonymized IP-addresses are collected. Google uses cookies to process collected information, to analyze how people use our website, to generate reports on website activity for website managers, and to provide additional services related to the use of the website and the internet.
You can configure your browser to disallow cookies, or you can prevent Google from collecting and using your data related to your use of this website (including your IP-address) that is collected by cookies, by downloading and installing a browser add-on provided by Google. Alternatively to the browser add-on or when you access our site from a mobile device, please use the opt-out link. This will inhibit future data collection by Google Analytics for this website. (The opt-out is only valid for that browser and that domain.) If you delete your cookies from this browser, you need to opt out again. More information can be found in Google’s data security declaration.

Matomo (formerly Piwik)
This website uses the open source web analysis service Matomo. Matomo uses so called cookies. These are text files that are stored on your computer that allow us to analyze your use of our website. The information related to your use of our website generated by the cookies is stored on our web server. Your IP-address is anonymized before the information is stored. Matomo cookies will remain on your device until you erase them.
The saving of Matomo cookies and the use of this analysis tool is governed by German data processing laws. The website manager has a legitimate interest in the anonymized analysis of user data in order to optimize website services and marketing efforts. Any information collected by the cookie will not be passed on to third parties. You can prevent the download of cookies by adjusting your browser settings accordingly. You need to be aware, however, that doing so will prevent certain functions of this website from working properly.
If you do not want us to save or use your data, you can opt-out. In that case, your browser will save an opt-out cookie on your computer that will prevent the storing of any Matomo usage data. When you delete your cookies, the Matomo opt-out cookie will be deleted as well and you need to reactivate it again when visiting our website following the deletion of all your cookies.

(9)    Social Media
We are operating a fan page on the social media platform Facebook Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA (“Facebook”). This is a cooperative arrangement with shared responsibilities that allows us to connect with users and followers, to communicate and inform about our products and services.
Facebook makes available to us statistics on the use of our page by Facebook users and our fans. Such data includes number of visits, names of users, the nature of interactions, or statistics based on certain parameters concerning our enterprise and the content of our fan page. This information helps us analyze the interactions with our page. More information about the nature and scope of these statistics can be found in the Facebook page statistics guidelines. More information concerning specific responsibilities can be found on the Facebook page insights addendum. Our use of Facebook and its data usage is governed by German data processing laws.
We have no authority over how Facebook uses data that it collects for its purposes and in accordance with its terms and conditions. Please be advised that Facebook does receive information on your use of Facebook and our fan page when you visit our page. Facebook uses the aforementioned data to create detailed statistical analyses that it uses for its market research and marketing activities, over which we have no control. More information can be found in Facebook’s data security guidelines. In case personal data is transmitted to the US, Facebook is obliged to adhere to EU Privacy Shield rules.
If we come into possession of personal data while operating our fan page, users are protected by the rights detailed in this data protection declaration. If users want to file a claim with Facebook, the easiest way to do so is by contacting Facebook directly. Facebook knows the technical details of its platform and associated data processing procedures, as well as the purpose of its data processing. Facebook can implement measures to accommodate users’ requests to make full use of their legal rights. We will gladly support you in your quest to make use of your legal rights as much as possible, and we will forward user questions to Facebook.

3.    Release of Information to Third Parties
A release of data in our possession to third parties does not happen unless: (i) you have given us informed consent to do so, as governed by German data processing laws; (ii) the release is necessary to comply with laws governing legal claims and their filing, execution or defense, and there is no reason to assume that you have a superseding, legal interest in prohibiting the release of the information in accordance with German data processing laws; (iii) German data processing laws require us to turn over such data; (iv) it is permissible per German data processing law for us to do so if necessary to fulfill contractual obligations with you, or to fulfill your request for pre-contractual obligations.
We contract with service providers to do data processing for us. Aside from the service providers listed in our data protection declaration, other entities contracted with us may have access to our data. They include processing centers that house our website and files, IT providers that service our systems, booking and management service providers, and consultants. Organizations contracted by us to perform data related services are obligated to use our data only to fulfill their service requirements. We are careful in who we select and contract with. The companies we select are contractually bound to our rules and have the technical and organizational means to safeguard personal data. We regularly conduct compliance checks.
If necessary to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, we can release your data in connection with inquiries by legal authorities, or to comply with court orders and legal proceedings.
4.    Duration of Data Storage
Generally, we only store personal data as long as we need it to comply with the contractual or legal obligations for which we have collected this information. After that time, we erase that data expeditiously. Exceptions are: we need to keep the data as legal evidence under civil law, we need to keep the data until the legal statute of limitations runs out, or we need to keep the data to comply with laws dictating a specified period of time for us to retain the data. For example, contractual data has to be stored as evidence for three years after the end of the year that the contract terminates because this is the earliest time that the statutes of limitation expire.
We may need to store your data beyond this time for accounting purposes and to comply with legal documentation requirements related to the German Commercial Code, Fiscal Code, Banking Act, Money Laundering Act, and the Securities Trading Act. The legal requirements for storage of documents under these acts ranges between two to ten years.

5.    Your Rights
You have the right to request information at any time about how we process your personal data. To comply with your information request, we will explain to you how we process personal data and let you see your personal data that we have stored. If the data we have stored is incorrect or out of date, you have the right to request a correction of your information. You can also request that we delete your data. In the rare case that we cannot delete your data due to legal requirements, we will block your data to ensure it can only be used for that particular legal reason from then on. You also have the right to have the use of your data limited, for example, when you believe that the data we have stored is incorrect. Furthermore, you have the right of data transfer and we will, upon your request, make available to you a digital copy of your personal data that we have stored.
You have the right to rescind any permission given to us at any time. This will stop any data processing that you had previously agreed to, from that moment forward. Withdrawing your permission will not be valid retroactively and does not cover any data processing conducted by us up to the point of your voiding of your agreement with us. If we are processing your data as part of a legitimate purpose, you have the right to request a stop to our data processing at any time if your situation warrants such a stop. If you do not want your data to be used for direct marketing, you can request that to end at any time and without the need for a specific reason.
To claim any of the rights listed above, you are welcomed to do so by responding to our contact information listed above. You can also contact us to obtain copies of assurance proving that we are adhering to acceptable data security standards.
You furthermore have the right to file a complaint with the data security authority overseeing us. You can file such a complaint at the authority in the state of your residency, your place of work, or the location of the alleged violation. For our location in Würzburg, the data security authority is: Bayerisches Landesamt für Datenschutzaufsicht. Mailing address: Postfach 606, 91511 Ansbach.

6.    Data Security
We take great measures to ensure data security, especially the protection of personal data during data transfers and the unauthorized access by third parties. We constantly update our security measures to the latest standards. We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt and thus secure your personal data that you provided on our website.

7.    Changes to our Data Protection Declaration
We update this data protection declaration on occasion, such as when we update our website or when the legal and regulatory standards change.

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