Mainfranken Strength.

Research Methodology

Core Competencies

A comprehensive analysis of economic and academic sectors and institutions of the region was used to identify Mainfranken’s greatest strengths. The study also looked at trade development by analyzing employment numbers (number of employees, employment trends, employment by sector) as well as data on gross value added and key regional companies. Also part of the analysis was a systematic assessment of public and private research facilities in the Mainfranken region and their areas of specialization. The terminology employed is in line with state and national terms used for areas of high future development potential.* Prognos has identified them by researching likely trends for future development and political conditions through 2030.

There are 112,000 fulltime employees working in Mainfranken’s five, strongest areas of expertise. That is over 30% of the total number of employees in the region. In Germany and Bavaria, those same areas only employ 26% and 21% respectively. Furthermore, the Mainfranken region is quite diversified and its niche includes businesses in the industrial as well as the service sector. Also noteworthy, because of its support for digitalization, Mainfranken’s strong point in “Information Technology & Artificial Intelligence” interfaces with several of the other robust areas, such as “Medicine & Health” with telemedicine in particular, as well as “Mechanical Engineering & Automotive” and the development of computer-guided, automated production techniques. The fields “Energy & Environment” as well as “New Materials & Plastics” are also interfacing with other areas and have a positive impact – especially on the big, traditional business sectors.

*Areas of high future development potential are subjects/technologies/expertise that are expanding and are anticipated to grow in the future (e.g. above average increase in earnings, above average demand) and/or are showing distinct, increased innovative activity (e.g. the development of new products/services) conditional on trends, economic development and public policies.