Medicine & Health


Ludwigstraße 10a
97070 Würzburg
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Core Competencies
Number of workers employed in “Medicine & Health” (as of 2017): 39,200
Number of workers employed in Healthcare (as of 2017): 36,460
Number of workers employed in Medical Technology etc. (as of 2017): 2,740
Employment trend from 2010 to 2017: +5,700 (+17%)

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Thanks to the digital revolution, Mainfranken’s niche “Medicine & Health,” and especially life science, healthcare and homecare, are expected to make huge gains in the future. The expected growth is the result of demographic changes in industrial countries and a continually increasing health consciousness. The Mainfranken region profits from the Würzburg University Hospital and its outstanding medical faculty, as well as the cutting-edge Rhön Klinikum in Bad Neustadt. The latter just created a campus that is a model project for comprehensive medical care in rural areas. Also important regionally are the health spas in and around Bad Kissingen. The Regiopolitan Area is home to more than 30 hospitals and over 30 preventative and rehabilitative care clinics. Health tourism provides a big economic boost to the counties of Bad Kissingen and Rhön-Grabfeld. Their five spa towns attract many visitors.

The Regiopolitan Area also leads when it comes to medical research, such as in telemedicine or disease management. Examples of outstanding institutions include the well-known Rudolf Virchow Zentrum and the relatively new Helmholtz Institut for RNA-based Infectious Diseases (HIRI). Furthermore, there are many private companies that specialize in providing products and services related to medical technology and diagnostics. They include publicly traded entities, highly innovative startups, and well-established producers of lifesaving medical equipment. This sector employs almost 40,000 people in Mainfranken, above average values for Bavaria and all of Germany.

A unique selling point are sophisticated technical assistance systems and telemedicine products. The latter have their own research center (ZTM) in Bad Kissingen. Furthermore, there is exemplary cooperation between Mainfranken institutions, such as the Comprehensive Cancer Care Center Mainfranken (CCCM) and the Digitalization Center Precision and Telemedicine (DZ.PTM). Not surprisingly there is a large interface with the sector “Information Technology & Artificial Intelligence.” “New Materials & Plastics” also serves as an incubator for new products in medical technology and regenerative medicine.