“Energy & Environment”


Emanuel Friehs
Ludwigstraße 10a
97070 Würzburg
0931/452 652-13

Core Competencies
Number of workers employed in “Energy & Environment” (as of 2017): 9,200
Employment trend from 2010 to 2017: -1,056 (-10.3%)

Renewable Energies

The “Energy & Environment” sector is the most diversified Mainfranken success area. Under its umbrella fall modern energy projects such as electric motors, solar, photovoltaic and battery technologies, as well as further development of energy storage technologies, the production of functional glass and smart daylight systems. Furthermore, environmental technologies, such as recycling, have a great future outlook. Especially when it comes to applied sciences, the sectors energy and environment often interface with and stimulate each other.

The scientific foundation for new technologies in this sector is solid. The Center for Applied Energy Research (CAE) is an outstanding, independent research facility that specializes in energy efficiency technologies. Their expertise is complemented by the College of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC, the Technology Transfer Center Elektromobilität Bad Neustadt and the Foundation Environmental Energy Law.

There are many connections to the sector “Mechanical Engineering & Automotive.” The reason being the trend toward sustainable production, energy efficiency and e-mobility. Companies from the sector “New Materials & Plastics” that are offering environmentally friendly materials successfully interface with this sector as well. An example are companies in the Hassberge County that are nationally known for their expertise in the production of composite pipes.

Considering all the new developments, it is expected that the employment numbers will increase in this sector again soon. The decline shown could also be the result of statistical problems capturing this highly diversified niche by applying traditional economic sector analysis.