Rhön-Grabfeld County


Jörg Geier


Rhön-Grabfeld County
Inhabitants: 80.000
Area: 1022 km²
Municipalities:  37

Rising Star of the Northern Mainfranken Region

Nestled between Thuringia and Hesse, Rhön-Grabfeld County is located in the middle of Germany. The area used to be on the edge of the demilitarized zone between East and West Germany and due to that location, it was an undervalued diamond in the rough. Today, the county is a model area for sustainable economic development. The local blend of high-tech locale, the availability of affordable industrial and commercial properties, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, as well as many health and leisure opportunities make Rhön-Grabfeld County a great place to work and live. The county is known nationally for its highly dynamic, future-oriented industries.